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Monday 21 October 2013

Treasure Students

This is Room 1's music video made by a few of our students.  They unfortunately didn't get a placing in Digi awards but Somerset Crescent School think it's still neet.  Well done room 1 :-)

Treasure Students

Thursday 29 August 2013

Hi my name is Sonic! My class are learning about me. They are learning what I eat and my behaviour. Room 1 are learning to be responsible by making sure I am fed and well looked after. Room 1 know that I don’t like my cage to be tapped on and loud noises. They also know I like hiding and they discovered I eat insects too because they placed a prey mantis in my cage and I happily ate him yum! Thanks for the cheese and water too

Sunday 26 May 2013

Cross country

Yay! It was cross country.  We went to Bill Brown park.  Our whole school went together in buddies. Yeah! we were nearly at Bill Brown park.  My buddie was from room 6. 
I was so nervous about my race but when we got there then I felt better.
Yes! It was my turn.  When we all lined up bang! Mr Greer closed the clapeer.  I zoomed off so fast that I was tired like a sleepy owl but then Thomas and Nikau zoomed! they passed me so I had to start running faster.  Then I passed Janade, rats! but not Nikau and Thomas.  Then janade caught up to me and we had a tie breaker.  All the parents and students were cheering us on. 
I loved jumping over the hay stack because it made me go faster.  I felt nervous and happy. 
My favourite part of my day was running like a cheatah.

By Justin Mortensen   

YAY! at cross crountry the whole school went to bill brown park to race. i was nervous. we had to walk in buddies to bill brown park. when we were at the park we had to sit on a tapaulin in our class,s.Then it was time for the year 1 and 2,s to race. so the year 1 and 2,s lined up in  between the gold post. a huge clapper went bang!.

Tuesday 7 May 2013

Kia ora koutou katoa :-)  Welcome back to school for Term 2.  I hope that all families had an amazing break and your child/children had loads of fun.
This term we have exciting activities for students to engage in and learn.   Ruma Tahi has had a great start to the first week back and they seem to be very happy to be back at school.
Kia pai to koutou ra kei te toi ana.

Thursday 11 April 2013

Easter Holiday recount writing

Easter Break

Finally it was Easter! When I woke up I was going to have Easter eggs.  Easter eggs are yummy as a banana split.  Easter eggs feels like nice chocolaty silk.

I like Easter because the chocolate eggs are delicious.

First we had an Easter hunt.  Later we ate some chocolate because we could and I like chocolate, especially Easter eggs, chocolate is yummy!.

Last of all we slept in the lounge in our warm sleeping bags.  We had a nice Easter sleep dreaming of all the fun we had during the hunt.

The best part of my Easter holiday was when we had an Easter hunt because I got the most Easter eggs.

The End.
By Justin

 Easter holiday
Finally it is Easter!  When I woke up on a sunny morning I was surprized because it was Easter so I jumped out of my bed and ran through the hall way and looked at the table, my eyes went as big as saucers.  My tummy was rumbling so I woke my sister up to join the surprise.  We rushed to the kitchen and started jumping around the table.

After breakfast me and my sister had some Easter eggs it was tasty!

The best part of the Easter holiday was eating the big Easter egg because it was huge and yummy! I liked the Easter holiday.
By Nikau yr4

 Easter holiday

 Yay! It was Easter and my tummy was rumbling for chocolate.  We had an Easter hunt at my house.  My new cousin and I had an Easter hunt and I nearly got the most Easter eggs.  Easter eggs are yummy like an ice-cream with a flake.  Then I found another Easter egg in the back yard.
Next my Mum bought a new game for the Xbox 360 and I played the new game.
The best part of the Easter holiday was when my new cousin came over to my house for Easter hunt.
By Jayrome yr3

Easter holiday
 Finally! Easter came I have being waiting to eat Easter eggs for a long time. 
We had an Easter egg hunt, I found two Easter eggs.
I had fun!
By Isaac Yr4
 Easter holiday
Wow! We got to make Easter eggs at school in room 12.  We had animal shaped chocolate moulds.  We poured chocolate in it.  Then we put the moulds in the oven.   We made them for Easter.  Whoever was being good got given big Easter eggs or we got little ones.  Then it was lunch time.   After lunch we ate our eggs.  After school while we were walking home I saw my uncle, he gave us an Easter egg each and it was very fun.  The next day we had an Easter hunt around the house.  That was fun too.   Next we ate our Easter eggs and we were jumping around like we were on fire. Last of all we were very tired so we went to sleep early.   We were so warm we slept like little babies.  My favourite part of the Easter holiday was finding the Easter eggs because I found the biggest Easter egg.  It looked like an ogre that was picking his big fat hairy nose.
 By Manawa yr4
Easter holiday
First I went to the warehouse getting Easter eggs with Brad.  Then we had an Easter hunt at Brad’s house.  Afterwards we played the Xbox 360.  Last of all I went home to eat my Easter eggs, it was dark time.  The best part of my Easter holiday was buying the Easter eggs at the warehouse with Brad.
By Jason yr 4


Monday 18 February 2013

Kia Ora koutou:) We are very happy to be back at school ready to learn. Please read the recounts written by Room 1's new students.